Leo wants a banana, and Rich doesn’t like the taste of cloud

The boys and I stood in line at Safeway this evening when a woman walked by and stood right beside us. She held a single banana in her hand. We all waited together for the self-checkout lines to cycle through so we could purchase our things. I wondered why she had a single banana, but of course I wasn’t about to ask. Leo was already looking over the top of that social wall, however.

LEO: Izzat banana?
WOMAN: (surprised, turning to face Leo) Yes it is a banana!
LEO: (softly) Kai have it?

She burst into laughter. “Oh, what a cutie! I actually have a kid in the car who wants a banana.” She kept laughing. “At least he’s not asking for candy.” The way Leo said it—priceless.

After dinner, the boys took a bath. We usually give them a piece of candy to persuade them into the bath. (We tell them they can’t have it until they are physically in the tub though. It works really well.) Rich had a dark blue Dum Dum, probably blueberry flavored or something.

RICH: Daddy, I like dark blue flavored, not light blue flavored.
ME: Oh yeah, I like dark blue too. It’s a good one.
RICH: But not light blue flavored. I don’t like light blue.
ME: Oh? What is light blue flavor?
RICH: (thinking) …Cloud.

The nap rescuer and the poorly performing dog

Leo woke up from his nap crying for me this afternoon. He always wakes up from his nap crying, and I’m pretty sure he’s always crying for me when he does. I imagine it’s because I usually hear him first and so I’ve been getting there first. His bedroom is close to my office, a bathroom being the only thing between us. I grabbed him from his room, held him close, and returned to my very busy day at work. I just held him for a bit and he rested on my shoulder. He takes a while to wake up and feel normal again. Just a moment with my Leo that I really enjoyed.

Rich wanted to play “the Paw Patrol game” this evening after work. It’s a game he made up, probably on the spot. We just pretended to be Paw Patrol pups and we ran around on all fours doing whatever he told us we were doing. First we had to jump up onto the couch from the ground, which I pretended to fail at miserably. Then we had to go to the lookout tower (a corner of the living room). Then we had to do some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

The four-year-old counts

This morning, out of nowhere, Rich shouted over to me from the living room. “Dad, two and two is four!” A few seconds later, “And three and three is six!” I was intrigued. I looked over and saw him holding up his hands, counting his fingers. “And four and four is eight!” And then, “And five and five is ten!” I asked him, “Okay, so how much is two and three?” He held up two fingers on one hand and three on the other and counted them. “Two and three is five!” I was floored. When did my four year old learn to count so well?

This evening, right before dinner, I tested his knowledge again to see if it was a fluke. “Rich, what is one and three?” He took only a second to answer, and I didn’t see any fingers held up. “One and three is four,” he replied, smiling. That must have been too easy. “Okay, what is five and two?” I asked. This time, he held up his fingers—five on one hand and two on the other. He looked at them first and quickly realized he needed to use his two-hand to count his big five-hand. He finished counting his five and then went back to the two. “Seven!” he exclaimed when he finished. I was so impressed.


Two sons of God

Karen took the boys with her into the doctor’s office for her appointment this morning. At one point she had to get on a scale and get weighed, but Leo wanted to explore. She tried holding his hand and the nurse even tried holding his hand, but he was about to escape and roam free. So Karen asked Rich, “Richie, can you hold Leo’s hand for me please?” He did! They held hands and walked around together. This continued as they moved into another room for another part of the appointment. They held hands and walked into the next room. In Karen’s words, “It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.”

I was unable to help Karen with the boys tonight since I had church meetings. She says Leo was very tired—both boys were I’m sure. She was reading a story to them when Leo started singing “I Am a Child of God”. She kind of got the picture that he wanted to go to bed, so she started singing too. As she did, he climbed into bed and lied down. (Usually Leo is crazy around bedtime until we leave, so this was a sign he was very tired.) When she finished singing, Leo immediately demanded she sing it again. “Child of God, child of God!” So she started over, and everyone joined in. Sweet boys.


“I thank Thee for my Jesus”

Leo said a personal prayer tonight, as usual. Or rather, as usual, I said most of it for him. I held him in the rocking chair in his old room, as he had just been injured (something about jumping on the bed with a toothbrush in his mouth) and needed some comfort.

ME: Dear Heavenly…
ME: Dear Heavenly…
ME: Dear Heavenly…
LEO: …Father.
ME: I thank Thee for my…
LEO: Jesus.

Oh I love him. Children are great at getting right to the meat of the gospel. I really didn’t know what he would say since “I thank Thee for my” is not a lead-in I’ve given him before. I was thinking “family,” but I think his answer is better. I thank Thee for my Jesus, Heavenly Father.

Leo in Daddy's office

When boys don’t sleep well enough, you have a girl

The boys woke up really early this morning. Or rather, Leo did. I heard him in time to get in there and rub his back, but I didn’t get there in time for him to actually go back to sleep. I was able to kneel there at his bedside and say my morning prayer, but eventually he started talking again and I realized I would need to get him out of the room so Rich could continue sleeping. (It was by some miracle that Rich was still sleeping when I arrived on the scene.) I took him to Karen, who was sleeping, and put him in bed with her. Well…that only lasted so long. Just as Leo started to fall asleep, Rich woke up and joined them in the bed. And then the next hour or whatever consisted of Leo or Rich trying to get comfortable and failing to do so. Rich complained that Leo was hogging the blankets, and then Leo would struggle to get comfortable next to Mom, etc.

Karen went to Enrichment after dinner. It was at the church building, and the activity was something called “new to me / new to you.” Everyone was encouraged to bring things they don’t want anymore so others can take them off their hands. Karen came home with a vibrating bassinet, another type of vibrating chair for the baby, and tons of girl clothes! We are so very blessed. We have hardly paid a dime for this baby’s clothing; most of it has come from people at church. We feel so grateful and so blessed.

Mommy Tyler Heasley and the rest of the family

Rich and I had an interesting conversation after his bath.

ME: Do you remember your middle name?
RICH: I’m Arcee.

He was, as always, pretending to be a Transformer.

ME: I know, but do you know Richie’s middle name?
RICH: It’s Tyler Heasley!
ME: Yes! Rich’s name is Rich Tyler Heasley. Tyler is his middle name. Do you know my full name?
RICH: (thinking) Daddy Tyler Heasley!

Close enough. I corrected him.

ME: Do you know Mommy’s name?
RICH: (thinking) It’s Mommy Tyler Heasley!

I corrected him again, but it didn’t hold as quickly for some reason.

RICH: (thinking) Mommy…Tyler Heasley….

Finally, we tried Leo. He knew that one in a heartbeat, probably because Karen says Leo’s full name when he’s in trouble. It was interesting seeing things from Rich’s perspective for once though. I guess he thought we all had the middle name Tyler except Leo.